What we offer

Our Stainless Trailer and Shop are equipped with Espresso machines and experienced operators capable of making a wide variety of coffees.

We have chosen the most popular and explanations of how they are put together can be found below.

The Beans

We use a Manx roasted coffee bean that gives a rich and full flavour.

The beans are a Columbian blend sourced and roasted by www.manxteaandcoffee.com locally on the island.

Types of Coffee: Explained

Basically, just a black coffee made from a shot of espresso and hot water.

One for our Aussie friends.
A double shot of espresso topped off with steamed milk. None of that fancy form stuff on the top of this one.

A stronger coffee with only half a cup of steamed milk, a thicker foam topping and a sprinkle of cocoa powder to finish.

What we used to know as "A milky coffee". A shot of espresso topped up with steamed milk leaving a little room for a topping of foam.