In the Beginning

Our family's first steps in to the world of Dinky Donuts began with Joanne purchasing the original business including the trailer we now call "The White Trailer" and the transfer of the Dinky Donut license.

A Brand New Trailer

The Donut Factory business was incorporated in 2009. This was to allow for more of the family to get involved, namely Paul. At this stage we also bought a brand new trailer, we now know as "The Blue Trailer".

With this came a means to attend more events and we also made some changes to the White Trailer to allow us to offer a Hot Food service along side the Dinky Donuts.

Manx Mini Donuts

After six years of trading we felt it was time to promote more local produce. We have until this point been tied into the Dinky Donut license that defines the donuts we sell. To allow this to be a local product we have been working with Laxey Glen Mill to produce a donut mix based on Manx flour.

For this we are buying another brand new trailer, this time bigger than the other two and made from stainless steel.